Our Values


Longevity instead of fast fashion

With the right care, clothes from our range last longer than just one season. One criterion in the selection of brands and clothes is their dependence on trends. If a piece is based on a current trend, it will hardly find its way into our range. The question of what happens to clothes as soon as a new trend emerges is important to us. Our garments should represent the interface between basics and trends.


Slowly, but consciously

bound18 started with just two brands in the assortment. In the first five months, two more brands were added. The range is kept small because at bound18, brands are not randomly selected and sold in bulk. The background of the represented brands as well as the production quality are important to us.


Little instead of much

bound18's stock is minimal. It never exceeds 10 pieces per clothing piece. Why? Because we don't want everybody walking around in the same sweater. Because our pieces are not mass products, but have an emotional value.


Once, but properly

What is sold out at bound18 remains sold out. Forever. Nothing will be reordered. If the designer receives an order at the beginning, the quantity is determined by us and only that quantity will be sold in Switzerland. Once this stock is sold out in Switzerland, it remains sold out and a new product or brand is added to the range.

About Us


bound18 was founded by the two sisters Johanna and Maria Kim, who grew up in Switzerland but have roots in South Korea. After completing their studies, the sisters did not want to pursue the classical career path, but together dared to take the step into self-employment. Since Maria already knew as a child that she belonged in the fashion world and Johanna is a talented organizer, they formed the ideal team. Although none of the sisters had experience in management, accounting or marketing, they managed to open bound18 on 23 March 2019 with the support of friends, family and different organisations.


"bound" stands for the connection between West and East. This reflects the connection of the fashion world between South Korea and Europe that is to be created through this online shop. The number 18 stands for the number of young people. Furthermore, the idea for bound18 was born in 2018. The goal of bound18 is to bring the much more progressive Korean fashion to Switzerland and later to the whole of Europe. For bound18, fashion does not only mean clothing, but also art, creativity and an outlet to express one's feelings, interests and (political) opinions.

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for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also

Matthew 6:21 

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